Highest Paying Offer Walls, Videos and Surveys - GUARANTEED
Decreased Reward Costs


We have two HUGE announcements for our loyal members. After weeks of discussions, we have implemented significant changes within GrabPoints.

1. Highest Payouts in the Rewards Space
We now offer the highest payouts for offer walls, surveys videos and offers in the industry! If you find a higher payout for an offer, let us know and we will beat it! Here are some examples:

Your Surveys Router - 470 points - NOW 940 points.
Global Test Market - 600 points - NOW 1200 points.
Samplicious Daily Survey Router - 660 points - NOW 1120 points.
Speak Up Daily Survey Router - 375 points - NOW 750 points.
Opinion Capital Survey Router - 487 points - NOW 975 points.
Opinion World - 500 points - NOW 750 points.
EngageMeTV / Smores - 5 points - NOW 7 points.

All offer walls have also increased in payouts. When we say everything - we mean EVERYTHING. We dare you to find better payouts!

2. Decreased Reward Costs
We have decreased the cost for our rewards! Amazon.com was previously 3300 for a $3 gift card. This is now 3000 points. All rewards have decreased.

Please spread the news by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit - wherever your friends are. We look forward to seeing you at cash out!

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The GrabPoints Team