1) How to login?

If you own an Android device, download the app and then proceed with logging in using the information below. If you are using Desktop, or a mobile device with a browser (for example, iOS or a windows phone), login here.

a) Email
If you signed up with email, use the exact same email/password as ZoomBucks to login. Please use your EMAIL and not your username, as you did with ZoomBucks. Once you login, your points will be transferred to your GrabPoints account as one record. Need assistance? GrabPoints support will help you!

b) Facebook
If you signed up with Facebook, login with the email you originally signed up with and you will be prompted to “Connect” to GrabPoints. Simply connect and you will get access to all of your points! Need assistance? GrabPoints support will help you!

2) What happens to my points?

Once you login to GrabPointswith one of the above methods, your points will be transferred to your account. The points will be multiplied by 10 to match the GrabPoints currency.

3) What is GrabPoints, exactly?

GrabPoints is a similar service to ZoomBucks, with more features and more ways to earn points. ZoomBucks was recently acquired by Grab Rewards Ltd. As a result of the acquisition, all ZoomBucks accounts have been moved to GrabPoints.

4) How long does it take to receive a reward?

Rewards are sent within 72 hours of redeeming ­- much faster than previous delivery times. This delivery time applies for ALL members!

5) When was GrabPoints released?

GrabPoints was released on January 15, 2015.

6) What happens with my pending rewards in ZoomBucks?

Any pending rewards will continue to be sent through ZoomBucks with normal delivery times. We WILL continue to send ALL rewards with NO interruptions.

7) What cool features does GrabPoints have (as well as some FYI's)?

A lot! Let’s go over the list: ­ ­
  • There's an Android app & more apps to come!
  • An Amazon app
  • A desktop and mobile friendly version. We understand that mobile is necessary for users to earn on the go, GrabPoints is completely mobile friendly.
  • ­
  • Share & Earn - Share apps with you friends and earn points when they download!
  • ­
  • GrabPoints brings high converting offers to the top of the "Hot Offers."
  • ­
  • Lots of offers walls ­- AdgateMedia, Supersonic, Woobi, OfferToro, Trialpay Personaly, Aarki, Adxmi, CrowdFlower, Revenue Universe & more! GrabPoints continously adds offer walls! We take suggestions so feel free to suggest an offer wall that you love!
  • ­
  • 3­-4 promo codes sent daily via desktop & mobile notifications.
  • ­
  • Earn by inviting friends.
  • ­
  • Many surveys providers, with in­-app notifications when surveys are available. No more hunting! We have TONNES of survey opportunities available.
  • ­
  • GrabPoints TV ­- Earn 1 point for every video watched.
  • ­
  • Jun videos ­- Still there ­under the “Videos” section.
  • The live crediting feed is still available!
  • Different Offers ­for mobile vs desktop - Login via mobile and find different offers than desktop! Offers are targeted based on your device
  • ­
  • Much much more! Feel free to recommend more features and let us know your feedback!

8) What happens to my referrals in ZoomBucks

Referrals will not be transferred over. The GrabPoints referral program is different from that of ZoomBucks. This also means that you can immediately start referring users again. You will earn 500 points (around $0.50) when your referrals that earn 1000 points in first tier countries, 300 points for second tier country referrals and 100 points for third tier country referrals.

9) What about the rewards catalog?

The rewards catalog includes all the rewards you know and love. Of course, if you have any recommendations at all, please open a ticket.

10) What happens to the VIP program?

The VIP program you know and love is available, but under a different model. If you are interested in the VIP program, please open a ticket. If you earn as least $25 a month on competing sites, you may qualify for 50% bonuses on all activities, but screenshots / proof is required. Limited spots are available.

11) I have more questions. How do I contact GrabPoints?

Visit the help desk to submit a ticket.